How To Put On A Necklace With Acrylics?

Wearing a necklace can be a challenge when you have acrylic nails, but with a few simple tips, you can easily put on your favorite necklace without any hassle.

First, try using a necklace with a larger clasp or a magnetic closure, as these are easier to handle with acrylic nails.

If your necklace has a small clasp, you can use a jewelry clasp tool or a paperclip to help you secure it.

Alternatively, you can ask for assistance from a friend or family member to help you fasten the clasp.

Remember to be gentle and patient when putting on your necklace, as acrylic nails can be prone to breakage.

By following these simple tips, you can easily enjoy wearing your necklace, even with acrylic nails.

how to put on a necklace with acrylics

Proper Techniques for Putting on a Necklace with Acrylics

Acrylic nails have become increasingly popular among fashion enthusiasts, and many individuals love to accessorize their acrylic nails with trendy jewelry. However, putting on a necklace can sometimes be challenging and require some special techniques to avoid damaging the delicate nails. In this section, we will discuss the proper techniques for putting on a necklace with acrylics to ensure that you can accessorize with ease and without any mishaps.

1. Prepare Your Nails

Before attempting to put on a necklace, it is essential to prepare your acrylic nails properly. Start by ensuring that your nails are clean and free from any nail polish or debris. Use a gentle nail brush and warm water to remove any dirt or residue from your nails. Dry them thoroughly to ensure a smooth and clean surface to work with.

2. Be Gentle

When handling your acrylic nails, it’s crucial to be gentle to prevent any damage or breakage. Avoid applying excessive pressure or force while putting on your necklace. Instead, use a gentle touch and handle the necklace delicately to minimize any potential harm to your acrylic nails.

3. Consider Using a Necklace Extender

If you find it challenging to put on a necklace with your acrylic nails, consider using a necklace extender. A necklace extender is a useful accessory that adds extra length to your necklace, making it easier to put on without the need to maneuver your fingers too much. Simply attach the extender to the clasp of your necklace, and you’ll have more space to work with.

4. Utilize a Jewelry Helper

In cases where your acrylic nails make it difficult to handle small jewelry clasps, a jewelry helper can be a handy tool. A jewelry helper is a small device designed to assist in opening and closing necklace clasps. It provides a better grip and allows for easier manipulation of the clasp, saving you time and frustration.

5. Opt for Magnetic Necklaces

Magnetic necklaces are an excellent option for individuals with acrylic nails, as they eliminate the need for struggling with clasps altogether. These necklaces feature magnetic closures that easily snap together, making them effortless to put on and take off. Look for magnetic necklaces that match your style and enjoy the convenience they offer.

6. Take Your Time

Rushing when putting on a necklace with acrylic nails can lead to accidents or damage to your nails. It’s important to take your time and be patient during the process. Slowly maneuver the necklace and ensure that it sits comfortably without putting too much pressure on your nails. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with time, you’ll become more adept at handling necklaces with your acrylic nails.

In summary, putting on a necklace with acrylic nails requires a gentle touch and some special techniques to avoid any damage or mishaps. Prepare your nails beforehand, be gentle in your movements, consider using a necklace extender or jewelry helper if needed, and opt for magnetic necklaces for added convenience. Take your time and practice these techniques, and soon enough, you’ll be able to effortlessly accessorize your acrylic nails with beautiful necklaces.

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Avoiding Damage to Your Acrylic Nails While Wearing a Necklace

Acrylic nails can be a stunning accessory, adding length and style to your natural nails. However, wearing a necklace with acrylic nails requires some extra care to prevent any potential damage. In this section, we will discuss some tips and precautions that you can take to ensure your acrylic nails and necklace can coexist harmoniously.

1. Choose the Right Necklace Length

When wearing a necklace, it is essential to choose the right length to avoid any accidental snags or tugs. Longer necklaces, such as opera or rope lengths, tend to have less contact with your hands or fingers, reducing the likelihood of damaging your acrylic nails. Avoid necklaces that are too short or choker-style, as they may brush against your nails and cause them to chip or lift.

2. Opt for Smooth and Rounded Pendants

The pendant or charm on your necklace can pose a potential risk to your acrylic nails. Look for pendants that have smooth edges and rounded shapes, as these are less likely to catch on your nails. Avoid pendants with sharp edges or intricate designs that can easily get tangled with your nails, causing them to break or weaken.

3. Be Mindful of Necklace Clasps

Necklace clasps, such as lobster or spring ring clasps, can be a significant source of damage to your acrylic nails if not handled carefully. When putting on or removing your necklace, do it slowly and gently to avoid any sudden jerks or pulls. Alternatively, you can opt for necklaces with magnetic or slide-on clasps, as they are easier to manage without putting stress on your nails.

4. Apply a Protective Layer

Before wearing your necklace, consider applying a protective layer to your acrylic nails. This can be done by using a clear nail polish or a nail hardener, which adds an extra barrier of protection against potential scratches or damage. Make sure to let the protective layer dry completely before putting on your necklace to ensure its effectiveness.

5. Take Extra Precautions During Activities

If you are engaging in activities that may increase the risk of damaging your acrylic nails, such as exercising or participating in sports, it is advisable to remove your necklace temporarily. The extra movement and impact during these activities can put stress on your nails and increase the chances of breakage. Once you have finished, you can safely put your necklace back on.

6. Regular Maintenance of Your Acrylic Nails

Proper maintenance of your acrylic nails is crucial to keep them in excellent condition while wearing a necklace. Regularly visit your nail technician for infills and repairs to ensure that your nails are strong and secure. Trim any loose or jagged edges to prevent them from catching on your necklace and causing damage.

In summary, wearing a necklace with acrylic nails can be a stylish and elegant combination if you follow some simple precautions. Choosing the right necklace length, opting for smooth pendants, being mindful of clasps, applying a protective layer, taking extra precautions during activities, and maintaining your acrylic nails regularly are all key factors in avoiding damage. By implementing these tips, you can enjoy the beauty of both your acrylic nails and your necklace without any worries.

Styling Tips for Wearing Necklaces with Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails have become increasingly popular among fashion-forward individuals. They add an elegant touch to any outfit and can make your hands look glamorous. However, wearing acrylic nails can sometimes pose a challenge when it comes to accessorizing, especially when it comes to wearing necklaces. In this section, we will provide you with some styling tips to help you rock your necklaces with your acrylic nails.

1. Choose the Right Length

When wearing necklaces with acrylic nails, it’s important to consider the length of the necklace. Opt for longer necklaces that hang below your nails. This will create a visually appealing balance and prevent your nails from overpowering the necklace. Longer necklaces such as lariat or pendant necklaces are great options.

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2. Consider the Necklace Thickness

The thickness of the necklace chain can also make a difference when styling it with acrylic nails. Avoid chunky chains that may overpower your nails. Instead, opt for dainty chains or thin delicate chains that complement your nails without competing for attention. This will create a harmonious balance between your nails and the necklace.

3. Nail Shape and Necklace Style

The shape of your acrylic nails can also influence the style of necklace that looks best with your nails. If you have long stiletto nails, consider pairing them with a sleek and minimalistic necklace that complements their sharpness. On the other hand, if you have shorter rounded nails, a statement necklace with bold details can add a touch of drama to your overall look.

4. Consider the Nail Color

The color of your acrylic nails can also play a role in choosing the right necklace. If your nails are a vibrant or bold color, opt for a necklace in a complementary or neutral tone. This will prevent your nails and necklace from clashing and ensure a cohesive and stylish appearance.

5. Nail Art Coordination

If you have intricate nail art on your acrylic nails, it’s essential to consider its coordination with the necklace. Choose a necklace that complements the color scheme or design elements of your nail art. This will create a cohesive and polished look.

6. Minimalist Approach

If you prefer a more minimalist approach, opt for a delicate chain necklace with a simple pendant that won’t distract from your acrylic nails. This will create a clean and elegant look, allowing your nails to take center stage.

7. Experiment with Layering

Layering necklaces can be a fun and trendy way to style your acrylic nails. Mix and match different necklace lengths and styles to create an interesting and unique look. However, make sure not to overdo it, as too many necklaces can overwhelm your nails.

8. Avoid Overpowering Jewelry

When wearing necklaces with acrylic nails, it’s important to strike a balance and avoid overpowering jewelry. If you choose to wear a statement necklace, keep your other accessories minimal to let the necklace and your nails shine.

In summary, when it comes to styling necklaces with acrylic nails, consider the length, thickness, and style of the necklace, as well as the shape and color of your nails. Coordinate your nail art with your necklace and experiment with layering to create a stylish and harmonious look. Remember, the key is to strike a balance and let both your nails and necklace complement each other.

Removing a Necklace without Harming Your Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a popular choice for those who want long-lasting and durable nail extensions. However, they can also make certain tasks, such as removing a necklace, a bit tricky. The last thing you want is to accidentally damage your newly applied acrylic nails while taking off your jewelry. In this section, we will provide you with some useful tips to safely remove a necklace without harming your acrylic nails.

1. Use a Clasp Extender

A clasp extender is a handy tool that attaches to the existing clasp of your necklace, making it easier to put on and take off. By using a clasp extender, you can avoid the direct contact between your acrylic nails and the tiny clasp, reducing the risk of chipping or breaking your nails. Simply attach the extender to the clasp and then fasten or unfasten the necklace as usual.

2. Opt for Necklaces with Lobster Clasps

Lobster clasps are larger and easier to handle compared to traditional spring ring clasps. When wearing acrylic nails, it’s a good idea to choose necklaces with lobster clasps. These clasps are less fiddly and provide a larger surface area for you to grip. This makes it easier to open and close the clasp without putting excessive pressure on your acrylic nails.

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3. Be Gentle and Slow

When removing a necklace, it’s important to be gentle and take your time. Avoid pulling or tugging at the chain, as this can put unnecessary pressure on your nails. Instead, hold the clasp firmly between your fingers and carefully slide it open or closed. By being patient and gentle, you can prevent any accidental damage to your acrylic nails.

4. Use a Helper

If you’re finding it difficult to remove a necklace with your acrylic nails, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. Enlist the help of a friend or family member to unclasp the necklace for you. This way, you can avoid any potential accidents and keep your acrylic nails intact.

5. Consider Temporary Removal

If you have a particularly delicate necklace that is challenging to remove without risking damage to your nails, you may consider temporarily taking off your acrylic nails. This option should be used sparingly, as it involves removing the nails and then reapplying them later. Consult with a professional nail technician to ensure proper removal and reapplication of your acrylic nails.

In summary, removing a necklace without harming your acrylic nails requires a bit of care and attention. Using a clasp extender, opting for necklaces with lobster clasps, being gentle, seeking assistance when needed, and considering temporary removal are all effective strategies to ensure the safety and longevity of your acrylic nails. By following these tips, you can enjoy wearing your favorite necklaces without worrying about damaging your beautiful nail extensions.


1. How can I put on a necklace with acrylic nails?

To put on a necklace with acrylics, try using a necklace with a magnetic clasp, as it is easier to handle. Alternatively, you can ask someone to help you put on the necklace or use a necklace extender to make it easier to reach the clasp.

2. Is there a special technique for putting on a necklace with acrylic nails?

There isn’t a specific technique, but you may find it easier to hold the necklace between your thumb and index finger, rather than using the pads of your fingers. This can provide better grip and control when handling the clasp.

3. Are there any tips for avoiding damage to acrylic nails while putting on a necklace?

To avoid damaging your acrylic nails, be gentle when handling the necklace and avoid using excessive force. If you find it difficult to manage the clasp, consider using tools like jewelry pliers or a necklace helper, which can make it easier to fasten the clasp without putting too much strain on your nails.


In conclusion, putting on a necklace with acrylics can be done with a few simple steps. First, make sure your nails are not too long or sharp to prevent any damage to the necklace. Next, hold the necklace with one hand and gently slide the clasp into the other hand. Use your thumb and index finger to open the clasp and carefully attach it to the necklace. Finally, secure the clasp by pressing it closed with a slight but firm pressure. Remember to handle the necklace with care to avoid any breakage or scratches. With these tips, you can effortlessly wear your favorite necklaces with acrylic nails!

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