Can I Use Acrylic Paint Over Spray Paint?

Spray paint has been around for a while and is an interesting way to add color that is vibrant, but not always the best.

Acrylic paints are typically used on canvas and other surfaces to make colors pop with more depth.

However, what happens when you use acrylic paints over spray paint? This blog post will explore the effects of using these two mediums together and how they can be used in various ways!

artwork by mixing acrylic and spray paint

Can you paint acrylic over spray paint?

Yes, you can apply acrylic paint over dried spray paint. Primarily the surface should be flat in order to have an easier application process, but the hybridization of these mediums can be very fun and interesting.

There are a few guidelines to follow when applying acrylic paints onto the surface of a dry coat of spray paint so that it does not become too messy or uneven.

How to Paint over Spray Paint with Acrylic?

This section will explore how acrylic paint can be used over spray paint to create a new, more interesting piece of art.

1. Surface Cleanup

To have a better surface for the acrylic paint, you will need to clean it. Using a cool air blower is recommended for painting surface cleanup. Cleanup will ensure the surface remains contaminants-free and offer quality adhesion.

Avoid using hair dryer or vacuum cleaners to clean up the canvas area to avoid the risk of messing up. If you just painted the surface a few days ago, you can skip the cleaning part and move to the next step.

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This is also where you can decide whether or not if you want to keep some aspects of the original layer visible (such as texture) or completely cover them up by applying more layers over top.

2. Apply Acrylic Paint

Apply a thin layer of acrylic paint to a completely dry surface. Make sure the surface is completely dry, otherwise it can become very messy. The paint will also not stick as well.

When applying, make sure the layers are thin and not too thick. This is to avoid creating a mess or unevenness in the paint job.

Also, use acrylic paints that work well with spray paint. Some products may not work on spray paint while some will do great.

3. Working with Texture

Use a small brush to blend the two mediums together and create a more cohesive overall feel on the surface. A variation in texture may be desired due to the difference in the mediums used.

If you want plain paint, you may skip this step as well.

4. Let the Surface Dry

Just like with spray paint, after this application process, allow it time to dry before handling or applying anything else to the surface of your piece so that it does not become smudged or ruined in any way.

Note that you may need to sand the old painting to ensure better adhesion of the new paint if the surface is too smooth and glossy. If you choose to sand, make sure you take very fine grit sandpapers and sand lightly. This will ensure that the canvas remains safe.

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acrylic paint over spray paint

Do Acrylic Paints Work Well on Spray Paint?

Yes, as long as you know how to use them. Make sure you have a clean surface (using the steps explained above) and apply thin layers of compatible paint over top.

Since there are many different types of spray paints made with different materials, it is hard to be conclusive about this. Rest assured, if you do the job perfectly, acrylic will stick well on the spray-painted surface.

However, the acrylic paint to spray-painted surface bond is not as strong as directly applying acrylics on the canvas. There will have a weaker bond when you apply acrylics over spray paint.

How to Test if Your Acrylic Paints Can Stick to Spray Paint?

Although it is better to check the materials written on the product labels to determine whether the new paint will stick to the old one, we have an easy way to figure that out to simplify the process.

  • Take a small canvas paper and spray paint it.
  • Let the surface dry fully for a day.
  • Apply acrylic paint on top of the painted area the next day.
  • Let it dry for a day as well.
  • Now, If you see any smudges or other issues, your paints are not compatible enough to be used together. If you see the color is accurate, the paint is not reacting abnormally, then you can proceed with the combination to use on the final painting job.

Will Acrylic Paint Stick to Spray Paint?

Whether the newly applied acrylic paint will stick to the previously applied spray paint depends on the type of spray paint itself. If the spray paint is water-based, there is no problem painting over it with acrylic paint and if the spray is oil-based, you can usually use oil paint on top of that surface.

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The reason why we don’t recommend acrylic paint over oil-based spray paint is that the acrylic paint will not adhere well and it can cause some of your new layers to peel off.

spray paint over acrylic paint

What kind of paint can I use on top of spray paint?

There are a variety of paints that can be used over spray paint. Things like acrylic, oil, and latex paints create different effects when applied on top of the layer underneath them. Acrylic paint is perfect for a more vibrant look as it does not dry so quickly and has less pigment particles than other kinds of water-based colors. This makes the paint more translucent and can be layered to create a variety of colors.

The kind of effects you want from your art will determine which one works best for you. Acrylic paints are perfect if you want something bright and vibrant, but oil paint also creates deep contrasts in light that have an old-fashioned feel to it. Latex paint is the best for a very matte appearance that gives off an earthy feel.

Can I Spray paint over acrylic paint?

Yes, you can use spray paint over acrylic paint. Make sure to allow the acrylic paint to dry thoroughly before spraying any additional coats of new color or texture on top, otherwise, it will rub off and cause streaks in your project.

Applying spray paint over acrylic have an advantage. You can apply oil-based spray paint over acrylic paint as well apart from using water-based paints.

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