Can I Hang Acrylic Painting in Bathroom? FAQs Answered!

No matter where you live, there are many different reasons why people want to hang paintings in their bathrooms.

It could be because they have a new baby and need the space to look more cheerful, or it may be that they just want to give their bathroom a makeover. Whatever the reason is – one of the most common questions asked about acrylic painting is if it can be put in bathrooms.

There are many factors that you will need to consider before making this decision – but don’t worry! We’re going to answer all of your FAQs right here!

This article will give you advice on whether or not acrylic painting can be hung in the bathroom. It also provides an overview of different ways that paintings can be displayed in the room. So, what are you waiting for?! Keep reading!

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Is it OK to put an Acrylic painting in the bathroom?

Yes, an acrylic painting can be hung up in bathrooms as long as they are framed under glass so they don’t fade over time due to exposure to moisture and humidity.

It would be a great idea to put up your favorite artwork for inspiration while taking a shower. You will feel more relaxed and refreshed when you are done with the bath.

However, one way this could go wrong is if there is not enough room on the walls or ceilings to accommodate both an acrylic painting and fixtures like light switches, towel racks, etc.

In fact, there are some pros and cons of hanging acrylic paintings in the bathroom. So let’s take a look at both sides of the argument before making any decisions about whether or not they’re appropriate for your settings.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hanging Acrylic Painting in a Bathroom


  • It’s a good way to make your bathroom look and feel more cheerful.
  • It can be a nice way to add color and style.
  • Can be used for giving the old bathroom a new look.


  • Hanging acrylic painting in a bathroom can be difficult if there is no space for both the artwork and fixtures like lights, towel racks, etc.
  • Risk of water damage is very high due to the humidity.
  • Risk of artwork fading due to exposure to moisture and water vapor.
  • Hanging acrylic painting in a bathroom can make cleaning difficult.
  • Requires well-ventilation always.

Tips For Hanging Acrylic Paint in the Shower

While you can hang acrylic paint or any other canvas art to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom, you need to be cautious about some important things so that you don’t end up ruining the paint in the process.

Keep the Shower Door Open

If you want to hang the artwork in your bathroom, it’s important that you keep the shower door open. This will avoid water vapor from settling on your painting and causing any discoloration.

Framed Under Glass

It is not a good idea to put acrylic paint directly onto the wall because this can lead to damage if there are any leaks. Instead, it should be framed under glass to avoid any water damage that could happen if the acrylic painting is placed on a wet surface.

Correctly Choose the Frame

It’s important to make sure that the frame you use is made of a material other than wood. For example, if it were on top of wood and water got onto it, this would be more likely to cause damage as opposed to if it was placed over metal or another type of non-porous surface.

No Hanging Paintings in Bathroom Areas with No Ventilation

If there are no ventilators available, it is not a good idea to hang acrylic paintings in the bathroom. Oxygen levels will be reduced and this can lead to more mold growth, which isn’t healthy for anyone inside of your home!

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Should I Frame Acrylic Painting Under Glass?

Acrylic paint needs to be framed under glass in order to protect it from any water that may damage the painting. Framing acrylic paintings are expensive, and not all people have a frame for their artwork already on hand.

Is acrylic paint moisture resistant?

Acrylic paint is not moisture-resistant. Acrylic paint can be used in bathrooms if you take care to use primer on the wall beforehand and then top it off with a sealant coat or polyurethane for added protection from moisture damage.

Can You Hang Canvas Art in the Bathroom? Is it Safe?

Yes, you can do that but make sure to hang it in a way that the paint will not come into contact with water.

To achieve that, you will need to follow almost the same process as we have explained above for acrylic paints. Use a sealant coat for moisture protection, make a glass top frame with metal or plastic to protect the artwork from damage. You can use a wooden frame as well with appropriate varnish in case you want to save some bucks.

Will a canvas print get ruined in a bathroom?

When you hang a canvas print on your bathroom wall, it is natural that the paint will eventually be absorbed by the porous surfaces. This absorption process can cause warping to occur and has been noted as one of the most common causes for cracked or broken artwork. To avoid this problem while selecting art for your bathroom, always opt for waterproof paint.

It’s better to hang pictures in the bathroom that are not painted because acrylic paint is water-soluble and will fade over time with exposure to humidity, so they won’t last long on your walls! Other options for hanging art include frames or canvas prints protected by a waterproof coating.

How do you protect a canvas painting in a bathroom?

We suggest that you use a frame made of metal or acrylic. Metal is usually the best option because it will not become moldy and then crumble over time like wood can. Place your painting on top of a surface which does not let water seep through, such as glass, tile, linoleum flooring, or sealed concrete floors.

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Canvas Art Ideas For Bathroom

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can use a number of different frames to hang canvas art in the space. You can also create a wall gallery using several small framed paintings or prints and place them side-by-side on one large frame.

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Small Artwork Hanged on Bathroom Wall
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Budget Friendly Canvas Print on Bathroom Wall
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Small Picture Frame in Bathroom

What is The Difference Between A Canvas Print and a Painted Canvas?

The main difference between prints and paintings lies within their production process—prints are usually produced with an industrial printer onto paper or fabric whereas paintings are created by hand by the artists.

Prints are created on machines or by a printing press that squeezes ink through tiny nozzles onto a surface such as paper, cloth, or film. The operator who makes them doesn’t usually touch the painting once it’s been printed.

Artists use acrylic paints, for example, to create paintings–but because the process of creating prints is so different (and often faster), they’re also less expensive.

Where to hang pictures in the bathroom?

Mounting canvas art over a toilet, sink, or bathtub is not recommended. Hanging in the hallway right next to the bathroom door can be an option if you don’t want your guests and family members to walk past it every time they come inside!

How high to hang pictures in the bathroom?

Pictures should ideally be hung at eye level or just slightly above it (in increments of about three feet). The same rule applies whether they’re being displayed as part of your home décor or used as teaching aids in an office setting.

Make sure to keep both vertical and horizontal lines balanced by hanging frames evenly from one side to the other rather than clustering them all together along one edge. And don’t forget about natural light: Pictures require good lighting conditions to show off their colors and details, so think about where you’ll place them in relation to windows.

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